Tick Task Force

Tick-borne diseases

Both public perception and data indicate that Lincoln has a high incident rate of individuals who have had a tick-borne disease, especially Lyme disease.

The task force was convened to address the pervasive problem of tick-borne disease.


Studies and resources from the Town of Boxborough:

Deer Population Executive Summary

Deer Committee Data Slides

Chronic Lyme Disease

Tick Sign

Deer Absence Impact on Tick Population – 2006

Risk Factors – 2006

Deer Presentation to Boxborough Board of Selectmen

HuffPo article from 4/27/2012 – Fighting Back Against Lyme Disease by Dr Leo Galland

Tick-borne Illness: Living in a Hot Zone and What to Do About It – April 17 Emerson Hospital

CDC Alert on Post Treatment Lyme Disease

CDC Alert on Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease

CDC Alert on Tick Removal

NH Public Health Alert on Prophylactic Treatment of Lyme Disease

Preventing Ticks in the Yard

Preventing Ticks on Your Pets

Public Health Fact Sheet on Anaplasmosis

Public Health Fact Sheet on Babesiosis

Public Health Fact Sheet on Lyme Disease

Tick Identification and Testing Services

Topical Insect Repellents

Information on spraying with  the minimal-risk botanical compound IC2:

Slides from Tick Talk of June 2, 2012

Final TTF Project Report

American Lyme Disease Foundation